By Dr. Abner Mality

This is certainly a good example of not judging an album by its cover. With the name of the band and album and the rather sedate cover art of stratified rock formations, I was expecting some sort of post-metal binge with 10 minute songs or perhaps dragging funeral doom with even longer tunes. Less than one second into "Archaebacteria" was all it took to blow those notions to hell and back. This first song is an absolute assault of horrifying screams and raging black metal bordering on complete cacophony.

Further examination reveals that PRECAMBRIAN is yet another project of the ultra-prolific Ukrainian musician Roman Saenko, best known for his work with HATE FOREST, DRUDKH, BLOOD OF KINGU (my personal favorite of his bands) and most recently WINDSWEPT. This 5 tracker could rip the hide off a rhinoceros with its relentless fury. "Archaebacteria" and "Fossilization" bring elements of war metal and ultra-brutal death metal into play and are almost too much to take. Saenko's vocals are also a step beyond most extreme metal singing, ranging from super guttural croaks to throat-ripping rasps. There's no time for quiet contemplation or "atmosphere" with PRECAMBRIAN.  The pace does drop a bit with "Cryogenian" and "Volcanic Winter", meaning they go from ultra-fast to "merely" real fast. There's more structure evident here as well, with more well defined riffs. That trait is even more obvious with final cut "P-Tr. Extinction". When you listen intently, you begin to pick up subtle micro-melodies buried deep within the furious roaring.

A peculiar aspect of the album is that all the songs blend into each other,giving the impression the album is one big track that breaks into separate movements. The album's ending is incredibly abrupt as well, almost to the point of being jarring. This is a pretty rough ride unless you are into the most extreme of extreme metal. Saenko seems to be a mad genius without an ounce of compromise in him.