"Manifest Decimation"

By Rusty Coffinnails

Just when I thought nothing good comes from Texas out jumps Power Trip. With a mix of thrash,punk and just the right amount of death metal these guys kick you in the gut with a fresh batch of "crossover thrash". The opener track, "Manifest Decimation" starts out slow, creepy and kinda filthy like something bad is backing up out of the sewer and it wants your soul. Let it take you, you won't be disappointed... After the the initial shock of the vocalist howling screams wears off we are thrust into an endless pit of shredding reverb with mind bending speed and no end in sight.
This is a solid album that anybody into metal will like. With "Murderer's Row", "Crossbreaker", and "Drown" they go into more of a hardcore style by slowing down the tempo a bit, using gang vocals that I mostly don't care for but which work very well for these guys.

"Crossbreaker" is a stellar example of hardcore gone right that makes you want to jump into a circle pit and stomp and run around like a wild cro magnon.. This is a solid album and has a ton of good stuff that is sure to satisfy your metal needs... Oh... For my top pick, it has to be track one, "Manifest Decimation". It just flat out rocks on all counts.