"Bang Lord"

By Dr. Abner Mality

PORNOHELMUT is a one man assault of grinding synth and harsh noise with a beat that kind of hearkens back to the late 80's/early 90's, when industrial and electro beat bands had the aura of being dangerous drugged out sex freaks. "Bang Lord" kind of goes out of its way to cultivate this feeling of sleeze. I would call this a mini-album, not a full fledged LP, which is a proper format. More than a half hour of this stuff would soon turn to monotony, but here it jars your world just enough to be threatening.

It's the work of one man, Neil Barrett, who combines this noisy assault with a visual barrage of distorted, flickering imagery that would very likely kill anybody with the least proclivity to epileptic seizures. I'm dead epileptic should think about seeing the visual side of PORNOHELMUT. As for the "music", the songs here are pretty much short and sharp rapid fire bursts. There's a hard and steady beat through the tracks, which gives them some cohesion as "songs". Without the beat, this would be straight noise. It's brimming with jittery synth noises, ragged sample sequences and bits of phased, trippy guitars. It's all pretty harsh, but on "Wizard Sleeve", there is something close to psychedelic melody bubbling to the surface. "Ultra Mega" goes the opposite direction and is the hardest, harshest thing here.

Song titles like "Black Magic Dope Bag", "Astroglide" and "Mother Duster" suggest vast amounts of chemicals were used by Mr. Barrett in the construction of this. If you have the occasional taste for something rough and heavy without being "metal", you might want to check this out...