“Poison Rites”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Sometimes you need a shot of kick-ass rock n roll to wake you out of your lethargy. I’ve been listening to a lot of extreme metal lately and while I love it dearly, sometimes you just got to break out of that mold and latch on to something more basic. My caffeine substitute this time around hails from Denver, CO and goes by the name of Poison Rites.

This is fast, fast , FAST rock music that is super stripped down to the bone. This is way more punk than metal, but it’s even more rootsy and primal than that. It goes right back to rockabilly days and sounds like guys such as Link Wray and Carl Perkins hooked up to a car battery and given a huge jolt of electricity. I hear some of the members of Poison Rites were in Speedwolf. That’s a good sign but this is more primeval speed rock than the more metalized sound of Speedwolf. The guitars are twangy and scratchy and the drumming is lean. Though the music is not “heavy” in the truest sense of the word, it is super-energetic and you can feel the sweat flying on cuts such as “Fast RnR” and “Not Here For Long”.

This was a nice sharp short shock to the system and proof that stripped down rock can be as furious as any other form of music.