“Blackness From the Stars”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Named after mighty GALACTUS, Marvel’s Devourer of Worlds, this Canadian band doesn’t waste much time. This is pure modern heaviness that takes names and dispenses with fluff and frills. I can’t call these guys death metal in the classic sense because they incorporate very modern dissonance and a lot of hardcore influence into their thick and heavy sound. The early tracks are all around three and a half minutes and songwriting is clipped and compressed. For some reason, the press sheet brings up names like Morbid Angel, Neurosis and even the Deftones (???), but I hear nothing from those bands here.

The bass and drum attack here is incredibly thick. Check out the bass intro on “The Spoil” and tell me that doesn’t make your balls drop (sorry, ladies). Speaking of which, “The Spoil” is really the best song here…incredibly crushing and tank-like, possessed of modern groove. If that dreaded word doesn’t cause you to flee like a lemming with knee jerk reflexes, you might like Planet Eater quite a bit. The ending title track also focuses on the doomy side, rumbling forth with a rubbery riff.

This is a band that may find a way to unite death metal, hardcore and groove metal styles without losing fans of each subgenre. It’s not revolutionary by any means, but it’s as heavy as a giant combine cruising the Saskatchewan wheat fields.