"Evolutionary Miscarriage"

by Thor

Boston’s Pillory returns with 11 new tracks of technical extreme metal collectively dubbed "Evolutionary Miscarriage".  It’s taken the band 9 years to follow up their 2005 debut, "No Lifeguard at the Gene Pool" and by “the band,” here I’m referring to Darren Cesca who wrote, performed, produced, and recorded Evolutionary Miscarriage.

This album is pretty standard Unique Leader fare.  It sounds really clear and the performances are robotically tight... read that over-produced.  Aesthetically, "Evolutionary Miscarriage" offers up a confused mish-mash of extreme metal subgenres from death metal and grindcore to melodic metal and hardcore.  The default perspective is a sort of mech-grind featuring an abundance of start-stop riffing with flourishes of melody.  The instrumentation is as technical as can be, but there are very few hooks.  And, for me, that near-void makes it difficult to engage "Evolutionary Miscarriage".

My personal reaction to this style notwithstanding, it’d be foolish to deny the quality of the product or the ambition of the compositions here.  "Evolutionary Miscarriage" is impressive in several ways, it’s just not particularly interesting.  The longer extreme music is around the less weight technical prowess holds for me.  That’s not to say the album is entirely devoid of memorable passages, it’s just that they’re incredibly few and far between.  The last two tracks on the album, "Lixiviated" and "Bipedal Prosecution" come tantalizingly close to scratching my itch, but it’s a classic case of too little, too late.