By Dr. Abner Mality

A band name like Pile of Excrements is going to inevitably lead to the almost irresistible desire to make some sarcastic wisecracks. One might be tended to say “enough said” and leave the review at that, but the truth is, these Greek grind freaks are not as bad as all that.

Song titles such as “Hooker with a Hook”, “Leper Orgy” and the towering epic “ Buttfucked By Giant Cockroach” also lead the mind to certain conclusions and you would be right…these guys come from the junior high division of grindcore subject matter, not the radical leftist branch. And they know it, too. But there are some surprises from Pile of Excrements and in the end, “Escatology” is not a bad little grind album. The guitar tuning is not the rumbling corrosive horror I was expecting, but something a little bit drier and cleaner. You can hear the riffs better that way. And there are some good ones here, especially in surprisingly long songs like the title track and the six minute plus “Cult of the Unibrow”. There are more “moderate” grind tempos mixed with the real fast stuff and you do get those superquick, less than two minute ragers like “Made In Chernobyl” and “Graveyard Delicatessen”

It’s high speed/low brow grind for folks that wouldn’t know good taste if it shocked them in the genitals. You know by the band name and song titles if this is for you.