By Dr. Abner Mality

PERSUADER are definitely coming from the BLIND GUARDIAN branch of the power metal tree. The fingerprints of the German fantasy mavens are all over “Necromancy”, but nowhere more obvious than the vocals of Jens Carlsson. Jens might just be the lost brother of B.G.’s Hansi Kursch, as his tone is EXACTLY the same. I’m hearing more and more Kursch worship these days...MANTICORA’s vocalist was also in this mode.

PERSUADER is also on the faster and heavier side of power metal. The drumming here is just as brutal and relentless as on any slam death album, although more varied. Efraim Jutunen keeps a double bass blast going through almost every tune. For a band on the more AOR/hard rock oriented Frontiers label, these guys are as heavy as it gets. Every tune features the thunder of a thousand iron clad warriors roaring into battle, especially on speed ragers like “The Curse Unbound” and “Raise The Dead”. Honestly, this kind of works against them. While I’m never pining for a weepy power metal ballad, I wouldn’t have minded a more medium-paced fist puncher or moody rocker to break up the album a bit.

Fans of Euro power metal dialed up to 11 can check out “Necromancy”. That’s a specialized target group at all times.