“Permanent Winter”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Originating in the forests of Transylvania, PERSEKUTOR promise to bring us a “Permanent Winter” with their debut album. They call what they do “ice metal” but they are hardly the first band to wax rapturous about glaciers and frostbite (IMMORTAL, anybody?). Well, “ice metal” ala PERSEKUTOR seems to be dirty, grooving metal like a more rocking CELTIC FROST and VENOM. The press sheet comparison to AC/DC seems to be pretty desperate and not too accurate.

If done correctly, this kind of primitive rumbling can be highly enjoyable and these guys do a pretty fair job of it. Tempo is fast and chunky, the vocals are cigarette and whiskey soaked snarls with tons of F-bombs being dropped and the music is generally simple and uncluttered. First track “Babylon of the Snows” is deceptive because it’s slower paced and definitely not their best. But things soon pick up and when we reach the thunderous “Chained to the Tundra” and “Arctic Cross”, PERSEKUTOR have hit their stride. Plus, they’ve got a song with lyrics inspired by 1984’s “Iceman”, a great film.

Simple, crude and uncomplicated, “Permanent Winter” can be recommended to fans of MIDNIGHT, BAT and similar acts. Hopefully winter is here to stay…