“End Times”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Sure are a lot of bands with “Perdition” in their names these days. This one contains members of INCANTATION, RINGWORM and BRAIN TENTACLES and plays raging D-beat influenced thrash. And it rips! These cats do it the right way.

What makes “End Times” pop is that it’s not a collection of “D-Beat 101” where the songs are all the same DISCHARGE-themed template. There are actual differences between songs and identity to them. Considering that D-beat is considered a very simple form of heavy music, this is no small achievement. So many bands in this specialized genre are DISCHARGE knockoffs and nothing more.

They get a great growling guitar tone and ultra-heavy bass here.  There’s a brief dissonant melody at the very beginning of the album, but then it’s just a sheer strafing run from this war bomber. Every song has got a lot of brutal heft, but the best has got to be “Not If, But When” musical napalm, with insane hooks and riffs. “Contagion of Necessity” has another riff that DISCHARGE themselves would have killed to write. “Your Safe Space Isn’t Here” is another rager, yet it doesn’t sound anything like the previous songs. The album ends with the controlled mid-paced brutality of “Progress of Failure”.

This album left me beaten and sore...thrashing D-beat done the way it should be!