by Octopi Mills

The promotional words reveal some humble nonsense about this band and members being in different cities, and of using the recording studio as a tool. We have now heard it all, and I welcome you to an album of four instrumental compositions from a band called Pelican, so named for reasons we cannot even consider and remain sane.

By the second song, I am given the feeling I have just been given a new shirt, and one from somewhere sad yet sunny. I am not sure if wearing it makes me look or  moronic or prone, and there is a feeling like we are going out west, though i know that's the wrong direction from Illinois. Still I have a thumb out, listening to what sounds like my old neighbor playing his working class guitar on a new amp, and I realize, Hey man, this is something stoner...these guys are high like my old neighbor. In that respect we are all neighbors, and the third song has it's own feel in the by-class of the dull words I use purely, and without both purpose or prejudice. The music taps the foam of the subconscious, and because of the name I link it to everything from the concept of things Pelican. There is a balance here that is Pelican; and one can feel the warm garage band-y radiance  this ep gives off and influences one to hallucinate or take a drive to a park and just walk around on trails. The desert on the cover changes my concepts of this album, and things might have been different merely based on these factors, you must understand, as it is sensitive things at play here. The length is kept short and magical, and lasts about as long as one of the old neighbor's left handed cigarettes

.Not bad at all; good neighbors, perhaps. Rational neighbors who are pleasant to be useless words to roll off their fat, sluggish tongues or no one telling you how to feel- no yap yapping like dogs with stuck bark buttons or voice tuners to change your mind. You are left with the elemental road trip and a map of the desert only, and an inscription reading "Pelican". Though i will never travel the road again, it was pleasant and friendly.