"The 7th Offensive"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Denmark's veterans of the death metal wars return with their seventh campaign of if the album title didn't clue you in.  These dudes are the equivalent of "Easy Company"...the rundown infantry that gets sent to the front of every battle but get little reward. Panzerchrist is a good, satisfying band, but never a real threat to break out and become a major force.

"The 7th Offensive" does find them in a very efficient mode. They attack fiercely with no wasted motion and an exact idea of what they want to do. The only exception is the rather wasted closer "Pig Parade", which sounds EXACTLY like what the title implies...pigs squealing on their way to the bacon factory. Fortunately, the rest is more to the point.  The tunes here seem to be more melodic than usual and the resemblance to the more composed moments of Dismember is notable. Lots of tasty solos and twin guitar work mixes with the brutality.  To compensate, the vocals seem more guttural and downright bestial than on the last couple of albums. The real killer track for me is "In the Name of Massacration". With this one, Panzerchrist has truly created the ideal mixture of sheer bone-breaking riffing and precise song structure. It is by far the best track they have done!

The band does make an attempt to mix things up. "Dogger Dead" is catchy and simple, "Kill for Revenge" and "Mass Attack of the Lycanthrope Legion" have more emphasis on being epic....the latter track even boasts black metal style keyboard frills. In contrast, "Drone Killing" and "Napalm Alarm" are stripped down, merciless and almost industrial. The military side of Panzerchrist comes to the fore here.

When the smoke from "The 7th Offensive" clears, you'll know you've been in a battle...just not the battle that defines the war.