“Outer Supernal”

by Dr. Abner Mality

With a name like Pandiscordian Necrogenesis, you’re going to be in for either supreme weirdness or utter stupidity. You actually get a little bit of both from this wacky one-man band that pushes the concept of the solo black/death metal artist about as far as it can go.

The single Necrogenerator goes by the name of Ephemeral Domignostika (probably something like Frank Finkley in real life) and he really is the sum total of this project. Of the 11 tunes here, eight are “metal” songs that are completely improvised on the spot by Domignostika singing, playing lead guitar and doing all percussion solely with his feet. That’s right, there are no computer drums here. Domignostika keeps a steady beat with his feet while standing and wailing away on his guitar and croaking black metal style into the mike. Three other tunes are synth soundscapes that he also creates by himself. I give the guy credit for truly doing an extreme metal one man band with no computer aided trickery.

And the songs? The metal tunes are totally whacked outsider metal full of twisted and very distorted riffing that just sounds WRONG. Sometimes the tunes are complete batshit aggression, at other times they are almost moronically simplistic doomy or mid-paced riffs. The foot percussion is never more than adequate, but it is honest. This is true outsider metal with relation to acts as diverse as early Beherit, the ultra tech death maniacs Gigan or the most bizarre moments of Morbid Angel or Absu. The three spacy soundscapes with “Gateway” in their name serve to divide the album into metal sections where every track has either “Supernal” or “Ascension” in its name.  Cuts like “Outer Supernal” or “Void Supernal” blast away with non-Euclidean savagery that is almost hypnotic. Other tracks like “Hidden Supernal” are almost unlistenable crap that sounds like a guy just playing games with guitar tunings.

Gilead Media seems to specialize in the weirdest of the weird. Imperial Triumphant proved that without a shadow of a doubt and now Pandiscordian Necrogenesis hammers it home. This one has got some really cool moments, but be warned, you may have to swim through rough waters to get there.