"Consequence of Time"

By Colonel Angus

Doom metal is a genre that I don’t often listen to but every once in a while I get into this groove where only the dooming riff-age will satisfy my metal cravings.  Previously, I always went to bands like TROUBLE, ST. VITUS, and the godfathers BLACK SABBATH but as the genre has expanded, I find other bands just as enjoyable.  Bands like KATATONIA and oldie but goodie CANDLEMASS has been making it onto my playlists on a regular basis whenever I get a hankering for doom metal.  PALE DIVINE is another new band (for me) that will make it into that rotation based on "Consequence of Time".  The album really hits all the right notes (pun intended) when it comes to making an epic doom metal disk.  Opening track “Tyrants & Pawns” starts things off in fine fashion with a heavy, catchy riff that is both melodic and groovy which sets a high bar for the rest of the record.  “Satan in Starlight” has second guitarist Dana Ortt handling lead vocals and his vocal delivery is a nice contract to Greg Diener’s mid-range style.  The track also has some great guitar work in the solo section and the riffing is again, heavy and melodic.  As I move through the rest of "Consequence of Time", there are many instances where I am thinking I am listening to SABBATH riffs.  I don’t mean that as a negative because if you are going to be reminded of a particular band, you can’t go wrong with BLACK SABBATH.  If you want epic distortion, just listen to the epic “Phantasmagoria”.  The song starts with the heaviest dirge-like riffing and stays there for the duration of the track.  This song and the following title track have my votes as the best of the bunch on this album.  “Consequence of Time” is truly an epic doom metal workout that not only contains the classic riffing but also has a bit of a prog element thrown in there for good measure.  Although the tune is just over 10 minutes long, it never gets boring or overstays its welcome.  The disk ends with a couple of good tunes with “No Escape” containing a MOTORHEAD vibe due to the drumming and quick riffing.   It’s not a long album by today’s CD standards but I would rather have an album with all great material and no filler than to have an additional “skip-able” songs.  "Consequence of Time" is just right without a bad track in sight.

Since the band is new to me, I’m unable to give a comparison between line-ups but Greg Diener (guitar and vocals) and Darin McCloskey (drums) have been keepers of the flame, so to speak.  Joining them are Ron McGinnis (bass) and newest member, the aforementioned, Dana Ortt (guitar and vocals).  All the members put in a great performance and I like the fact that lead vocals are shared, like in KISS.  Both vocalist play to their strengths and it works.  I hope they continue this idea into their next releases.  When I first heard this disk, I have to say that I was a bit skeptical of the vocal production.  Both singers have good voices but the production hides them in the background and they are a tad echo-y.  After repeated plays, I have come to really appreciate the production as it gives it an old-school feel and I wouldn’t change a thing.  As I mentioned earlier, doom metal is not always my go-to metal genre but when I catch the mood next time, "Consequence of Time" will definitely be on the playlist.  Highly recommended.