by Octopi Mills

It is hilarious to see a man and a woman in the promo pics, standing in their gym clothes above some sort of sigil in a form of athletic pose. I picture them doing jumping jacks to the beats that come through the networks, and working out their demons together, whilst abusing the scary vocals of a monster or night creature like hipsters often will. Pitchfork found something "terrifying" they said, and i wonder what they might do if faced with real life energies  that were truly worthy of such a misused word. A night in the county jail or in a medieval dungeon is the sentence worthy of such a statement. The goofy music is electronic mostly and it sounds like a silly person on the Bob Larson show was given a mic whilst possessed by self created demons conjured in a local fast food chain, or maybe poisoned by illusions created by the chemicals in a hamburger off the dollar menu.

"A Dream Within a Dream" has nothing to do with Edgar Allan Poe, i assume, though its great to dress up and play house. This may be the worst release of the year, and is an embarrassment with a long running time. A pile of human feces with a million eyes leers at you as the album goes on and on as these folks abuse every means of electricity and magnetism they have with loony stupid voices that sound like some girl who has been up on meth for a year instead of making a garden or learning how to grow their own food. The price is heavy, and I take on the suffering here like a true soldier, knowing it might leave scars I wont uncover until i am much older. You, though, as a listener will be safe if you avoid this, and I warn you to never let people like this around anything resembling musical instruments, for they will use them in ways that are truly embarrassing to the human species.