"Cor Cordium"

By Dr. Abner Mality

This disc is more whacked than Charlie Sheen after a night in Tijuana. It puts a smile on my face with its very serious desire to be "avant-garde" and makes me recall that old Saturday Night Live sketch where Gilda Radner pretends to be a chicken while a giant eye on TV watches her and random weirdness plays in the background as an uptight art critic in a bow tie (Dan Aykroyd) gives a straight-faced analysis. The whole album gives me the feel of that sketch, but I'm not sure if that's the reaction OvO were after.

I'm actually entertained by this slab of utter strangeness because it flows rather well and there's a sense of variety amidst the racket. It's stripped down, bass heavy, minimal music that  often devolves into pure tone and sound, with extremely bizarre female vocals snarling, shrieking, muttering and chanting throughout. This lady is off her meds BIG TIME and unleashes an unpredictable and sometimes downright unbelieveable torrant of sound. The quivering cackle of "Smelling Death Around" is like Glinda, Good Witch of the West, turned twisted dominatrix, "La Bestia" sounds like Alvin and The Chipmunks performing a Satanic blood sacrifice and "Marie" is the drugged, slurred repetition of a single phrase into insanity. When this crazed performance comes on top of distorted bass heaviness that rivals Sunn 0))), Khanate and Thrones, you have a record that inhabits the zone between mad genius and pretentious absurdity.

Highlights for me are the opening aggression of "Lungo Computo", the crushing drone of "Penumbra Y Caos" and a very demonic sounding "Nosferatu". Sometimes I might dig these tunes, sometimes I might hate them. It's all kind of humorous to me in the manner of Dadaists running around in cardboard suits. I think everybody is going to get something different out of "Cor Cordium".