"White Devil Armory"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Wow, this is getting boring. Can't you guys do an album that sucks once in a while? Does everything you release have to be brilliant? Sure looks that way. Well, here we go again...

I don't know if any band in history has been on the kind of roll Overkill has with their last four albums. "Immortalis", "Ironbound", "Electric Rattlesnake" and now "White Devil Armory" put it simply, these are the standard that metal bands should aim for. The consistency of these Bronx bombers is bone-chilling. With "White Devil Armory", they've come up with something that sums up every era and style of the band. And it smokes all the way through.

A perfectly balanced super-crunchy production brings out the beast in every track. After a brief intro, "Armorist" delivers a sock to the jaw with a fast and brutal song. Yeah, we got us a good one here. "Down To The Bone" and "Pig" bring us more patented Overkill groove-thrash with no let up in intensity. ONe thing I note on "WDA" is that drummer Ron Lipnicki has reached another level. His drumming is far more intense than anything I've heard from him before, even on "Electric Rattlesnake", and that's saying something! It really boosts the band.

"Bitter Pill" gives a kind of melancholy and melodic tune that's not quite as frenzied as those before yet, yet which still retains full heaviness. I liked it at first, but it's grown on me even more. Then Overkill pulls out all the stops with one of their all-time best songs, "Where There's Smoke..." This motherfucker is a 100% thrash classic that sizzles. It should be put in a time capsule or maybe shot into space on a satellite. Incredible that a 30 year old band can jam like this. The next trio of songs are all good and lean a bit more towards groove than outright thrash. "It's All Yours" is a great one that's all over the map, with a lot of interesting time changes and even a cool bluesy bit that reminds me of the Overkill side project The Cursed. Which is a good place to mention that Bobby Blitz shows more range here than just about any Overkill album I can remember. The album ends with another masterpiece called "In The Name Of", which sports a kind of drunken swagger that  makes you want to start a bar fight. It becomes a cool, almost Celtic singalong that sticks in your brain. Like "Where There's Smoke...", this ranks with their very best.

So OK, just another amazing Overkill album to blow your mind. Move along, nothing to see here...