"The Electric Age"

By Dr. Abner Mality

HOW?! How do they do it? What secret fire do the men of Overkill light beneath their posteriors prior to recording each new album? Why does that fire seem to grow hotter and hotter with each passing year? While many others from the Golden Age of Metal cool into a comfortable kind of senility (Megadeth, Metallica), Overkill seems to live their life in reverse, becoming younger, faster, angrier...

The last album "Ironbound" pulled the rug from under many with its new dedication to blood and thunder thrash. Seems that was just a clearing of the throat compared to "The Electric Age", which whips ass in a way not seen in close to two decades from the Overkill boys. Thrash ya want, thrash ya got, but filtered through that peculiar Jersey sensibility only these guys have mastered. "Come And Get It", taunts the opening track and after a chunky "Children of the Grave" build-up, it explodes with a Blitz scream and a hammering fury. Complex, energetic and seething with bad intentions. It's also surpassed by the epic "Electric Rattlesnake", a long cut featuring not just thrash but a bluesy interlude worthy of Bobby's side project The Cursed. I get tired of singing Bobby's praises but must mention he rises to yet another level on "The Electric Age", sounding like he just finished "Feel The Fire" six months ago instead of  being a dude in his 50's.

It's almost tedious to go through the rippers here..."Drop The Hammer Down", "Save Yourself" and the closer "Good Night" being the best examples. Any of these would kill live, but "Good Night" features some pretty cool vocal harmonies as well as the only relief from the metal via a sedately melodic intro. If you wait for the energy to flag on this record, you'll be waiting a long goddamn time, that's for sure. The only true "groove" track is "Black Daze" and I like it just fine.

"The Electric Age" is certainly faster and meaner than "Ironbound" and hits with a meaner impact, but I might prefer "Ironbound" just by a hair due to most varied songwriting. One thing's for fucking sure, this band ain't going anywhere.

"Gotta lotta mouth for a Jersey white boy..."