"Into The Night"

By Dr. Abner Maity

I have yet to hear anything bad from the Bloody Mountain label. This is the small imprint created to handle the output of California death metallers VALDUR and numerous related projects such as SXUPERION, WEVERIN...and this new outfit which is said to arise from the ashes of WEVERIN. Like all of Bloody Mountain's material, this has a certain quirkiness to it which makes it somewhat different than most death metal. "Into The Night" is a brief EP but packs a lot into its short run time.

OREANMOS can also be called death metal, but there's a lot of doom here and I wouldn't say it's overwhelmingly crushing like VALDUR and SXUPERION, although it should appeal to those who like those bands. The songs are extremely unpredictable...they might change from a surging battering ram of riffing to slow, doomy textures and then back again on a dime. Or the metal can suddenly give way to ambient tones or a ritualistic soundscape. Vocals are virtually non-existent and when they appear, they're a growl shoved so far back in the mix that they sound like the echo of something from another planet. The title track is short and is more precise than the violent outbursts of VALDUR. "Shadows of Misery" really mixes speeds and "Bombastic Utterances" is very short but doomy. The doom is more obvious on "March Towards Oblivion", which has a dragging tempo blended with soundscapes while "Forlorn"(Fire of Despair) is the longest cut and even features an almost bluesy, stoner-ish guitar solo.

So this keeps you on your toes and is yet another example of the creativity found in these lone wolves of the Bloody Mountain.