“In Purge There Is No Remission”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Finland’s ORDINANCE have whipped up a diabolical brew of black metal on their second full-length. This is the kind of album that is relentlessly pure and black yet has a lot of variation and clever songwriting to keep your interest keen. It’s a record where low sorcery meets high art.

A lot of the tracks here start with driving, vicious riffing but deviate into different and more atmospheric areas. Each of the first three cuts “Obstructed Paths”, “Diabolopathia” and “Gathering Wraiths” demonstrate this trait, hitting with cyclonic fury and then slowing into odd and somber realms. I’m reminded of early IMMORTAL and MARDUK with the way these tunes strike deep...two pretty heavy names to conjure with.

It’s on “Credo Sclereratum” that things really get intense. This is some scorching old school black metal like I haven’t heard in a long time, coming at you like a storm of steel. But there’s some great “lurching” riffs and cold melody as well. An oustanding track. “The Kingdom of Nothing” surprises again with something that sounds more “medieval” with choir like vocals and huge epic washes of blazing icy speed, reminding me of SATYRICON’s “Nemesis Divina” album. “Gesticulation of Death” is gloomy, low-key and almost post-punk, eventually moving to what can be called “depressive” black metal. An album full of this style would be tedious but the placement of this single track makes this album stronger as a whole.

ORDINANCE end the album with an ambitious 11 minute plus track that again shows their songwriting talent, gradually building from mid-paced gloom to a mighty conclusion. This is a kind of track that many black metal bands try and fail at, but for ORDINANCE, it’s handled with ease.

This album is grim and cold enough to satisfy the fussiest evil panda yet varied and well written enough to convince even prog metal heads of its worth. Very nice effort from these Finns!