By Octopi Mills

Massachsetts, USA, is the place this project is said to be stationed, and it's also stated to be inspired by film and electronic elements. Though it says the complimentary visuals touch on the rise and fall of cult leaders, it also is said the title of this affair is in honor of a neolithic structure in Paola, Malta. Ambitiously, there will be a six part video series bridging the album's theme. 

“Born from the Mouth of God” begins this thing, winding up the nerves of every dog in town and transferring it through the writer here on this hot, dry August cursed summer with its siren like wailing. The sound is like a stream, with pockets of calm and cool and the typical thing you would expect from perhaps an art student who has made a horror film with surreal elements. If it were a weather forecast it would be a mild overcast of gloomy clouds at moments mixed with a room temperature feel and pockets of precipitation and light stormy moods. Good quality rubber boots, as uncle Monty once suggested…

The sound keeps a thin soup, and there's a scene of a wet, rain slicked city; the lights, the glow...the noise. If one should attempt to find footing on the hike there is some hold and keeps a sort of time that is logical and afterwards predictable and there are no jump scares to be found. I find this particular project could benefit this listener if there were, as aforementioned, a visual stimuli to accompany it, as the mind tends to drift  in the doldrums of dreaming any old thing and associating other visuals which are of mine own mind and not of the artist.