By Dr. Abner Mality

“NekroRegime” is the latest in a long string of albums which are well played and enjoyable but just not distinct enough to really stand out. Omnizide is a Swedish band which has been lurking in black/death circles for quite a long time but have never broken through to larger prominence. In some ways this is understandable, but I’ve sure heard plenty worse bands than this.

I am super impressed with the flattening impact of first track “Himmelstrasse” (330 ft) which blasts forth with a rich, thick sound that perfectly combines the black metal and death metal genres. This is powerful stuff and second cut “Return of the Loving Dead” continues the heat with an even faster tune. The vocals here are really sick and sinister sounding, too. “Walls of Flesh” slows things down to  a doomy crunch while “Doomsday Revelations” is angry but pretty faceless stuff. “Deathwomb” has a killer groove to it that will get you headbanging furiously, but this is where the album’s momentum begins to slow. The title track and “Nekromantik” are serviceable but rather average examples of blackened death metal, nothing that really stands out. “Shockwaves” is a notch back up the ladder but the album ends on a very weak note with the overlong “Devil In Me”, which is dull, melodic slogging further dragged down by a cliché Charles Manson sample. Omnizide really overreached themselves with this last tune.

On the whole , “NekroRegime” is a very acceptable offering of blackened death. But just a little short of what it could have been.