"Hammer Damage"

 by Sgt Deth

About thirteen years in the making, Omen is back to delve in to their roots. It reminds me so much of their old ‘80s sound. Even the overall production is a little ‘80s sounding. I wonder how they mixed this to have that old school distortion? This is uncompromised power metal through and through. The legacy guitar solos take me back and are much welcomed in this day and age. 

The thunder of the drums hammer throughout the entire album. Steve Wittig’s calves must be made of steel. The melodic guitar riffs shine through, for example “Cry Havok” where you will hear those old single note riffs. Then there are few songs like “A.F.U.” which are very technical. Kevin Goocher still has that raspy and sometimes subdued voice but, he will surprise in a pinch. I really like the track “Hellas” where he belts out the anthem well. Then there are songs like “Knights” that just roll along like a blazing metal steam engine. All songs are from a well-tuned machine that has been tried and true.

Being an Omen fan since pretty much the beginning, this is a must have. Please go out and support old metal giants like this to keep them making more quality music.