“Black Abomination Spawn”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Just the album title told me pretty much everything there was to know about it. It’s a cosmic maelstrom of war-like death metal in the vein of many, many other bands, although there aren’t many like this coming out of Germany as OMEGAVORTEX does. It’s a pretty much unending onslaught of aggression complete with typical roars and noisy guitar outbursts.

Now these guys do try to deal in strong riffage and they hit the jackpot on occasion. “Soul Harvest” boasts one mean motherfucker of a more medium-paced, tar-soaked riff in the middle that really got me going. The brief but potent instrumental “From Obscurity” deals out some of the best and moodiest hooks on show and final track “B.A.S.” ends on a strong note of early MORBID ANGEL/ HATE ETERNAL mayhem. 

But in the end, there’s just so much of this stuff doing the rounds. Any band that plays this style can easily get signed and sell about 500 or so discs or if really trendy, cassettes. OMEGAVORTEX is another one and they do pile on the coal. There’s a hint of better to come, but “Black Abomination Spawn” is yet another bubble of lava in the vast sea of magma that is the extreme metal underground.