"Tales of Wanderings"

by Octopi Mills

I must first confess that i never found anything that made me want to return to the poisoned wells of Drudkh, which these members are affiliated with in this particular project.

Now then, i see all the members of this band have collaborated in this album which lies spread before me now, and also there are vocals from the singer in Alcest, which is another band to which i may say the same things as of Drudkh. Well, I will say this is much different, without harsh vocals and the usual "black metal" trappings. There is some good instrumentation and storytelling here, in folk-ish demeanor and in the lyrics, which I am told deal with old fairy tales. Old Silver Key is something to have some respect for,  I feel. The guitars are not forced or phallic, and there is a good vibration flowing in this style of melodic, fuzzy distortion. The vocals are as good, in fact, and the whole thing almost rings something of an alternative American music from the nineties at times, in a rock and roll manner, though  it never degrades itself to such entirely. The drums can be mentioned as being their own rogue bird dog, and not playing ball with the sponsors, at times, which is truly a good thing, though I doubt anyone had the attention span to notice unless they can play drums, which I cannot.

The guitars and overall feel are dominate here, and there is a thread and formula that runs a course through this album that ranges from feel good to something in-between. The music is not really so dark, but more light and perhaps sunny, though lyrical themes may not be so much the same. Season of Mist is the label here, and this is a worthy release for the label. Just don't expect them to sign anything that you hear in your head, just yet, but we must applaud this good work here.