“Old Mother Hell”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Old Mother Hell Is a pretty robust three piece hailing from Germany. Anybody who loved the earliest Grand Magus (I guess newer GM, too, though not as much) should really enjoy what they are doing. It’s powerful, straightforward metal with a somewhat doomy touch that doesn’t veer into total doom. You might also say there’s a slight Viking feel to the raw simplicity of the music. The band doesn’t overthink their music and that results in a sound that’s heavy and easy to get into.

The vocals are hearty and boisterous, switching between a kind of loud shout and a more melodic kind of singing. Opening cut “Another War” is great! It really does have that old Grand Magus feel with its thick, medium paced riffs.  Tunes like “Narcotic Overthrow” and “Howling Wolves” pick up the pace although never to thrash or even semi-thrash levels. With the last two tracks “Kneel To No God” and “Old Mother Hell”, there’s a noticeable increase in melody both in vocals and music as well as a somewhat more complex style. I prefer the earlier tracks, myself.

Fans of Candlemass and the like might also enjoy Old Mother Hell. They’re off to a good start.