By Dr. Abner Mality

When it comes to face-smashing, pissed-off, mean-enough-to-kick-the-cat punk-influenced mayhem, you won't be able to beat "Snakereigns" easily. These filthy Norwegian bastards have come up with a real sonic punch to the gut here. As hard as Southern Lord has been trying to cover the dirty hardcore scene this year, they don't have anything as snaggle-toothed and bloody-handed as this.

First things first...this is PUNK, not hardcore, but somehow it touches on sludge, black and death metal yet not once do they betray their punk roots. That simple angry sound underpins everything else, so even when you hear oozing slow sludge like "Acid Eagle One" and the title track, you never forget those roots. The guitar sound here is buzzsaw enough to make fans of old Swedish death metal hard, but its not another hackneyed re-run of Grave and Dismember. And there's also a touch of evil blackness to the whole proceedings, something that's probably impossible to completely expunge in frosty Norway.

Lots of great riffs throughout the whole album, both slow and fast, and fans of d-beat and hardcore will be all over bone-shakers such as "I Thought of Demons", "Nothing Remains" and "The Sun Receives Her King". But you can never totally lock these guys into one sub-genre...a lot of the guitar solos are just pure raunchy punk that could have come from 1977. And the vocalist spits so much venom he might be a human cobra!

Brutal, catchy, multi-faceted, dark and of the best punk metal efforts of recent years!