“Sulphuric Disintegration”

By Dr. Abner Mality

This is one slavering, rabid wolf-beast of an album. To give you an idea how overwhelming it is, I listened to it right after ILSA’s “Preyer” and it made that band and album sound about as abrasive as SHINEDOWN. I can’t say this is the year’s best death metal album when it comes to playing and originality, but for sure it’s in the running for the most spine-ripping.

Much like SKELETAL REMAINS, OF FEATHER AND BONE keep their approach simple and avoid needless complexity. They have a lot in common with the “cavernous” style typified by INCANTATION, but imagine that with a much more intense and vicious flavor. There are six tracks here and picking the most brutish one is a difficult task. And though they are certainly not what you’d call a “technical” death metal band, they keep things moving from riff to riff, with multiple changes in tempo. If you had to press me, I’d pick “Consecrated and Consumed” as my never lets up in terms of death metal ferocity.

OFAB are yet another name to reckon with from the rapidly rising Denver underground metal scene. Prepare to be pulverized!