"The Application of Loneliness, Ignorance, Misery, Love and Despair--An Introspective of the Human Condition"

By Dr. Abner Mality

My relationship with October File is strong enough that I can forgive them the long-winded and pretentious album title. I've admired the honesty and dedication of these guys for almost 10 years now...they release strong albums on a very consistent basis and "Application..." is another one. And if you think I'm going to write out that whole title again, you're out of your mind.

October File definitely has their own sound, which is instantly recognizable, and they stick to it here. This album is kind of the mid-point between their last two, the brilliant "Holy Armour From the Jaws of God" and the less immediate "Our Souls To You". The band's obvious resemblances to Killing Joke remain and aren't going anywhere, which is OK, because Killing Joke themselves have fully endorsed October File. The music is throbbing, morose and very dark, based on intense bass/drum grooves and simple, heavy riffs, while raw vocals shout outrage in a very blunt fashion. Speaking of blunt, when you open your album with a song called "Fuck The Day", you're making a statement right there.

Among the highlights this time around are the very metallic and forceful "Heroes Are Welcome" and a mixture of thrash and gloomy post-punk known as "Where The Clouds Meet The Horizon". An acoustic ballad, "Upon Reflection", is a first for October File and offers some relief. But the standout track is the epic "The Water", which is just absolutely hypnotic with its driving groove. Around the six minute mark, the riffing gets really heavy in an awesome way. Guitarist Matt Lerwil gets to experiment with some cool sounds during this one, which ranks with the band's best.

It is true that this is very typical October File, but that's no crime at all when you're this good and you have your own sound. Hop aboard this train if you haven't already done so...