"Bury The Hatchet"

By Lord Randall

King Fowley’s OCTOBER 31 reemerged from nearly a decade of silence, 2013’s "Gone To The Devil" EP being the first new music in that amount of time, but reminding us all what’s so special, so ridiculously passionate about the fearsome foursome and their brand of horror-worship.

Thankfully, "Bury The Hatchet", released on label du jour Hells Headbangers, continues the carnage, ‘Tear Ya Down’ charging from the gates, all cliché and panache in that most glorious of denim’n’leather-clad ways. King’s never sounded better, the lyric “East coast and west coast and all that’s in between coast tear ya down!” sounding utterly heartfelt when in anyone else’s mouth it would sound retarded. A rampaging run-through of ‘Under My Gun’ from that one ICON album that didn’t suck follows, as does ‘The House Where Evil Dwells’, which finds OCTOBER 31 lurking in comfortable shadows, King’s legendary prowess as Keeper Of The Horror Film Knowledge ™ being again cemented, the rhythm section of Jim Hunter and Sean Wilhide (bass, drums respectively) laying down a fat and sassy groove for slicing guitar and Hammer horror keys to wash over. ‘Gone To The Devil’ returns from the EP to hack’n’slash as before, while a
neck-snapping ‘Arsenic On The Rocks’ gives the ol’ one-two to a lover in a way Ray Rice never dreamed of (wait, too soon?). Culminating with ‘Angel Dusted’, Bury The Hatchet stands as a testament to all that is dedication to rock and metal. If there were more metal like this, I’d listen to more metal.

Shit’s as infectious as Ebola…wait, too soon?