By Dark Starr

Some might call this heavy metal, and others, like myself, will put it under progressive rock. The thing is, for any project that includes Scott Mosher, quality is guaranteed. He seems to have a golden touch for mixing guitar crunch with atmospheric keyboard sounds...indeed, that is the foundation of this particular project. The title track is perhaps the best demonstration of how Mosher blends 70's AOR rock, pure metal and hard-edged prog: you'll find an equal measure of each on hand here. In a similar vein are "So Near Yet So Far" and "The View To You". Mosher has also had a preference for instrumentals and there are some good ones here. "Dreams In Artificial Sunlight" leans more to the progressive/AOR side while "Instruments of Fear" shows Oceans of Night at its most metallic and intense.

AOR, prog, metal...whatever style predominates, this is a killer collection of crunchy tunes from a musical master.