"Suspended In the Brume of Eos"

By Dr. Abner Mality

My lords and ladies, it pleaseth me to present to you a most unique band of minstrels who do name themselves "Obsequiae". I know not from whence they come...perhaps from some far future age or enchanted land beyond the maps we know...but they playeth music in a fashion unlike any we have heard here before. They play loud enough to raise the dead from yon churchyard and their music has a crushing power to maketh the blood race and thy head nod furiously. But even so, they play in the style we know so well and the melodies and chords are not unpleasant to the ear.

"Suspended In the Brume of Eos" is their first folio, though rumor has it they were called Autumnal Winds in the past. With the very first hymn "Altars of Moss", we hear hypnotic riffing that is most passing heavy and the voice of the minstrel is as harsh as the cries of one hung upon the gibbet. Some say it is devil's music, but listen on and you cannot deny its power. With lighter tunes such as "Sidhe", "Wildes Heer" and "Estas Reddit", we hear more traditional acoustic fare,such as has been heard across the land for many a year now. And truthfully it can be said that Obsequiae play this style most well and faithfully.

But mostly they play with raging fury and volume. "Arrows", "The Starlit Shore" and "The Wounded Fox" taketh no prisoners and blast away like the summer storm.Yet sill we hear the tones of our medieval age contained within. Those of blackened hearts may enjoy the playing of Obsequiae but there is no sign that they bend knee to unholy idols as some do. On slower odes like the title track and "Cabin Lights", there is a subtle beauty that creeps amidst the loud guitar and crashing drum.

I would say that, for those who have courage enough to hear and not judge in haste, "Suspended In the Brume of Eos" is a mighty symphony that brings thunder to the Earth in a new and clever way. Now...bring forth the jesters and mead!