"Poison Everything"

By Sgt Deth

This really brings me back. I can hear the angst and hatred oozing out of the speakers as I spin this new CD. You will hear a mix of punk and hardcore metal on this release that was recorded in Dave Grohl’s studio in just three days. It is incredibly fast and has kind of a ruff production that will remind you of early Corrosion of Conformity or old Black Flag. I am glad to hear this style coming back around.

This is a full 29 minutes of grinding, sometimes melodic, crazy, hard ass metal that will just rip your head off if you crank it up. Most songs are two minutes or less, in true punk fashion. All except track six, “Shame”, which starts out with some groovy harmonic action to slide you into the grind of the song. It starts reminding me of old Celtic Frost during “Shame”. Thumping bass guitar and agonizing vocals.

The last four tracks on this album are my favoriteS. Seems they kept the best til last. The drum work is very original in “Ad Nauseum”, I like the all over the place guitar work in “Open Casket”, the purely violent screams in “The Middle of the End”, and overall melodic flow of “Crawl Inside”. Again, I am overjoyed to hear a raw, yet pure sounding punk band come up with a great release as this.