"Black Death Horizon"

By Dr. Abner Mality

If elitist death metal fans think only bands from the early 90's can do justice to the old school grimness, they are cheating themselves. Lots of good new stuff featuring that ancient feeling of evil claustrophobia has risen recently...I'm talking about bands like Morbus Chron, Altars, Krypts and the source of my review here, Norway's Obliteration.

This is the real thing, no messing around. "Black Death Horizon" sounds like it was recorded by a bunch of morticians after a late night at the morgue. It's not total Swedish death worship nor frantic Morbid Angelism...I would best compare it to Autopsy in the way it swings from vile crawling doom to thrashing speed in unpredictable ways. The sound is extremely natural and if there's any digital fidgeting, it's either very minor or non-existent. A very dank, musty stench permeates the record. The first track "The Distant Sun" (They Are The Key) is frankly my least favorite on the whole record, but for a change, that means things only getting better from there and second cut "Goat Skull Crown" is a better introduction to the gloomy rawness of Obliteration. The vocals are a disturbed hollar, not the usual growl, and sound like they come from someone in the bad part of the asylum. With third track "Transient Passage", Oblieration comes into their own...this really reminds me of the more epic Autopsy track, mixed with some of the Finnish foulness from bands like Demigod and Convulse. At this point, I was hooked.

The rest is a tasty feast of doom-laden, demented death metal that isn't totally derivative of any one band or style. Quite a nice addition to the Relapse roster and perhaps your own collection of misanthropic music.