"Drakon - Darshan – Satan"

By Theron Moore

The Red Black Clan of NOX FORMULAE are not your run of the mill black / death metal band.  There’s a real dark purpose and malevolent intent buried deep inside their music,and it’s aimed at us, the virus that is mankind.  Whereas most bands exaggerate or even fabricate their ties to the occult, NOX FORMULAE share the same fabric of the arcane and eldritch as the eons old entities they encounter in the astral and shadow realms. 

 “Drakon - Darshan – Satan” is the band’s second record and an actual sonic grimoire (i.e.,a book of spells and incantations) meant to bring end times to all of humanity here on prison Earth.  “DRAKON - DARSHAN – SATAN” is based on a culmination of actual experiences that took place both on the physical and spiritual planes during 2015-2019.

The band comments on the album:“DRAKON - DARSHAN – SATAN is an actual sonic grimoire of Higher and Lower Black Magic. It is based on actual experiences on the physical and the magical  planes.   One can deal  extensively with the  themes  appeared  in  this  recordthrough the upcoming grimoire “At the Outskirts of Shadow Current: The Dark Initiation in this Lifetime”, by Daemon Gharrassielh. Crush all enemies and welcome Noctifer, the king of the Shadow Allies!”

It's  difficult to talk about each of the eight individual tracks  separately since  all  are interconnected via story and experience, but from a musical perspective, this is some of the heaviest, fiercest black / death metal I’ve heard in years.  There’s a measure of depth of emotion and commitment in the vocals of Wolfsbane 1.1  that I haven’t heard in a long time from any band.

Wolfsbane isn’t just screaming into a mic, he’s married to his subject matter and you get that feeling through his vocal performance.  Overall, the  music is  heavy, foreboding and pummeling to the senses; it’s black metal at its very best. NOX FORMULAE demonstrate a refinement of the genre by taking this music and elevating it to a much higher level not just in a crushing, metallic way, but also how their songs are arranged and performed.  “Drakon - Darshan– Satan” is the must buy record of the year, in my opinion.  Get it now.  5/5 Stars.