"The Dark Tower"

By Dark Starr

The latest musical adventure from Nox Arcana is "The Dark Tower." It’s got all the dread and doom one expects from Nox Arcana, delivered with a sense of beauty that one might not anticipate. Sure, this is creepy music that’s best appreciated around the time of Halloween, but it’s also very beautiful and powerful. Listen to "Ghost At The Gate" and you will feel an otherworldly sadness...even if you are already dead. "Haunted" and "Undying Love" continue with this understated feeling of macabre mellowness but fear not, Nox Arcana fans, because the title track, "Darkness Rising" and "Vasaria" have the full-blooded bombast that we've come to expect from these guys.

The spoken word has quite a prominent role this time around and creepy narration finds its way into numerous songs. There is no traditional singing  on the album but there are some eerie non-lyrical voices popping up on "Born of the Night" and "Banshee". This album shows Nox Arcana at their most melodic, yet the spookiness of their music prevails over all. Yet another strong effort by them.