By Octopi Mills

The band has been known for a run in the death/doom fields. The album starts off with a lighter sort of sound, something only describable at this time by mentioning Katatonia, Agalloch, or Anathema; something with ringing strings and the sort of guitar sound as these three bands may conjure…not quite acoustic, but perhaps cleaner guitars and vocals. By the second track some of the vocals make me think of someone who has found Buddhism or a new age practice; with moaning and humming little vocals and the syrupy strings that come with such an affair as when someone finds some sort of sad enlightenment. 

Like many of the others who go this way, the growling vocals are thrown around for bad measure, as if holding on to something for a darker touch? I'm not sure, but the vocals sound like a fellow who was/is in the band Tool at times, as I use names to do certain things, and fall to a generic style of writing at this time. The moaning, whining, meandering singing truly makes me want to stick with classic doom metal on this day  and I cannot help but condemn this album as it offers nothing to experience, though I know there must be some soul searching going on here; something painful that makes the listening experience hurt. This hurts, and there's a feeling here I cannot relate to, and a formula that pulls me down and makes me want to listen to Ildjarn in a tent somewhere far away from the music business.