“Catholic Dictatorship”

By Dr. Abner Mality

To be a band from Poland and call your new album “Catholic Dictatoship” takes some balls. Norylsk has those balls and more…call it like you see it, boys!
Blasting super-political grindcore in the vein of Rotten Sound and Nasum is what Norylsk has in store for us. The production tends a bit more towards the “clean” side, which means you can hear the instruments pretty well without everything turning into a murky, punkish blur. That works fine when your tunes blast and grind like these. The late great Nasum was the master of that clean but brutal shtick and while Norylsk is not to that god-like level, they pay their debt to the masters well.

No zombie or gore lyrics here. Song titles like “Political Monologue”, “Sexual Apartheid” and “Children of the Political System” show these dudes probably go to the same school of leftist hell-raising that Napalm Death attended. Well, what I hear from contacts in Poland confirms that they are indeed in the situation described in the album title.

Just pure raging grind with no relief here. Screamy vocals mixed with ungodly guttural pitch-shifted grunts. That is nowhere near unique enough to rate classic status, but it’s very solid and the anger is white-hot!