"Split LP"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Coffins must be right up there with Agathocles in terms of how many split LP's they've done. Here's the latest and this time the Japanese death fiends are teamed up with one of the forefathers of ugly, misanthropic sludge, Noothgrush. You can bet your Aunt Fanny's ass that this is going to be one grueling ride.

Noothgrush opens things with "Humandemic" and actually this is a rather typical example of slow, venomous and hateful sludge. Ironically, it sounds like Noothgrush is following in the footsteps of the many bands they inspired here. But next cut "Jundland Wastes" is more of the ultra-crushing swampy doom that we've come to expect from this band...extremely depressing, this one drags itself across the floor like a stabbing victim vainly trying to reach the telephone. Even this dirge is just a warm-up for the final Noothgrush assault, a nine-minute meatgrinder entitled "Thoth", which features mystical babbles from somebody who sounds like "Nature Boy" Ric Flair on a cough syrup bender. This song alone makes the purchase of this effort mandatory. Incredible bone-breaking sludge riffs that eat their way into your brain...this is Noothgrush at their merciless best.

Coffins have two songs here and they both lean a little bit more to pure sludge than the oppressive death/doom the band is known fact, both tunes remind me of the heavier side of fellow Nipponese warriors Church of Misery, only with guttural death vocals. "Drown In Revelation" is heavy and groovy, but "The Wretched Path" actually swings. I wouldn't call either of these tunes as devastating as what Coffins does on their recent "The Fleshlands" LP, but they should not disappoint fans of bitterly heavy metallic magma.