"Agony Defined"

By Dr. Abner Mality

This is brutal music! Formerly known as Necropsy, Noisem is part of the upstart A389 label that also features Full of Hell and Integrity. What Full of Hell claims to be, Noisem actually is. It's violent, misanthropic thrash without an ounce of "party" spirit to it. These kids would break beer bottles over somebody's head just to see them bleed.

It has that totally raw, violent feel that I got when I first listened to Slayer, Destruction and Kreator in their very early days. No artifice, no attempt at technicality....just pure, unadorned anger designed to break your neck. I can't even say that Noisem come up with the greatest riffs, but the brutal feeling carries you breathlessly throughout the entire length of "Agony Defined".  Extreme death metallers should enjoy the viciousness that lurks behind tracks like "Voices In the Morgue", "Birthing the Bestial"  and "Split From the Inside Out". Even the song titles take you back to the elder days of thrash and death metal, when the music wasn't "overthought" and bands just didn't give a fuck what anybody thought of them. If I was to pick a favorite cut here, it would have to be the devastating "Mortuary"...brutality incarnate.

There is something lurking here that is wild and untamed. Noisem give me a feeling I rarely get from thrash anymore and that makes "Agony Defined" an essential purchase.