"They Come At Night"

By Dr. Abner Mality

This Indiana death squad were apparently active 20 years ago or so, but that means sweet F.A. to yours truly, as this is the first I've heard of them. Actually, they definitely sound like they could have been transported from the glory days of American death metal and I see no reason why any die-hard who pines for those days would be displeased with "They Come At Night".

The band is barbarically fast and raw,  but not chaotic. There's structure and forethought in these tracks, although at some points, monotony creeps in. You can be guaranteed of at least one killer riff per song and sometimes several. As the album rolls along, it seems to me the riffs get stronger. "Forever Eternal Darkness" is the stand-out and this mean mother will break bones if you're not prepared. I am often reminded of Immolation and the earliest Morbid Angel in Nocturnal Torment's multi-level attack. Final track "Primordial Existance" unleashes some super catchy and brutal hooks that will throw red meat into a pit of moshing wolves. The tunes also are fairly lengthy (no true epics, though), which allow them to mutate and shift tempo frequently. The title track gives a very perceptible nod to 80's thrash metal and the guitar solos are often Kerry King style wang-banging.

It's a very solid effort, but there should be better to come from Nocturnal Torment if they really put their minds to it.