"Among Insects"

By Thrash-head

Initially, this sounded like something I'd love. A guitarist from Threat Signal decides to do a djent side-project? Sounded to me like an eargasm waiting to happen. I read countless press clippings on Blabbermouth, waiting patiently, and eventually the opportunity to review said online release fell into my lap.

The state of heavy music these days is that whenever an amazing band that truly is doing something unique comes along, people latch onto it quickly, a million sound-alike bands start up, a scene is over-saturated almost immediately upon birth, and then many bands just get lost in the mix...they don't contribute anything unique and so get discarded or simply passed over by listeners. The obvious unfortunate reality is that this band seems to have been around since late 2005 at the earliest in one form or another and while back then this material might have been considered groundbreaking, we've since seen the Djent movement kick in which makes this EP that much less impactful. It is very easy to compare the band to a few scene figureheads like Circle of Contempt (probably the most similar), a less-noodley Periphery, and even the band that the scene Meshuggah. The bands sound focuses on the occasional odd time signature, but mostly playing heavy, breakdown-esque riffs around a 4/4 beat. The band is certainly capable, and the singer can grunt, growl, scream, and quasi-sing like the best Burton C. Bell-meets-Jens Kidman out there.

There just isn't much to write home about this is just extremely uneventful and is probably best described as...well, it's an example. It's an example of the basic djent template before you add atmosphere and noodley guitar/bass lines and inventive drumming tricks. It's the sounds of the scene stripped to it's basics. And that truly makes it not that interesting.