"Black Magic Night"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Spain is not exactly known as a hotbed of traditional/NWOBHM type heavy metal and I'm afraid Nigromante is not going to do a lot to change that. They definitely have their hearts in the right place and a firm idea of what they want to do, but the execution is distinctly average.

What pushes "Black Magic Night" into the also-ran category are the clumsy and rough vocals of the singer. He's going for a crude kind of Lemmy vibe here but can't nail it. A lot of times it comes across as bellowing and far off tune. There are some dudes that can pull it off, but he's not one of them. That off-kilter caterwauling severely damages songs like "Heavy Metal Age" and "Saturnalia of Blood". Ironically, the one song where he really fits is "Soy Un Macarra"...the sole track sung in Spanish.

As for the music, it's a kind of pleasing and very rugged take on early British heavy metal, but again, it doesn't rival the best of the breed such as Blitzkrieg, Tygers of Pan Tang or Fist. "Syndicate of Crime" and "Soy Un Macarra" have a kind of pumping groove that makes them stand out, but overall, you won't remember much of this a couple of weeks after hearing it.

Shadow Kingdom Records is usually better at coming up with traditional metal acts than this.