"Hierophany of the Open Grave"

by Octopi Mills

The album begins with a wall of vocals and a thin instrumentation performed in a black metal vein that runs in a manner one might expect of a Marduk, in terms of reference. The strings bend around, here and there, and  something stranger than usual is happening and there are blending and screaming notes. It would seem this is not your typical black metal album, but we must wait, for there have been too many butt-fuckers within this realm of music whom have made us think we may have liked their music, or otherwise done with our minds like priests have done with many open subjects- for you see, they are one and the same at times, in terms of delivery.

I hear some acoustics, though brief, and more of these vocals, and some hollering, which, though seems like it leads somewhere, we must know it could be outright tomfoolery. There are blasts of the typical sort, and guitars get high pitched and lead us somewhere. The vocals continue the format they have built and attempt to portray a certain darkness or evil that can be compared to an allegedly possessed person-perhaps a hostage, who holds a demon or two therein. This is all, of course, if we are to believe what we hear is the real deal. There is mention of the "elegance of early Emperor" in the promo, but i would disagree even by gun point. That would imply a certain rawness and atmoshphere not present here.

Perhaps, this is a decent band, and I am the arse here when i say such things. As the album goes on, the sound never betrays one at least, and this music might prove better after several listens. An epic, choral vocal builds in "Lucifer Trismegistus" and the album has kept me listening thus far, at least.

The songs seem to pay reverence to a metaphysical death, and at times seem to even reach original grounds in the metal trappings. I will say this album is to be listened to more than once, if one must absorb whatever it is that one seeks from such a release. There are some interesting keys and chants and arrangements that make this something worth some respect. Expect a clean and good production that allows you to hear all the instruments. Also i would like to add the album seems to get better as it progresses, which is rare indeed in all genres and  styles. I cannot condemn this album, and must refrain from saying anything too negative about it. If you like black metal, try this before you buy it, as it is different. The music here must is not a rip off or a worship style. There is something going on here, and you must decide if you like it or not. If you do not, i don't feel it will be because it is ordinary or used.