"Greatest of Deceivers"

 by the Lord Octopi Mills

Seems we have old Teloch, from Gorgoroth/Mayhem fame here on guitars, who is somewhat of a celebrity in Norse metal and both live and session work with some others. In doing my homework I can see these fellows have an old compilation album called "Sodomize The Priest", which i will not hold against them in this review in terms of ridiculousness- why in the hell would one want to sodomize this priest? To give him pleasure? Nor will I behead them in this court for any past blunders unbeknownst to me at this time. It is said the concepts are based on old Enochian texts, and I bet John Dee couldn't have foresaw such a thing as this music in his seer's angled sessions.

It blasts off like a jet airplane from the start, and there is mathematics in the playing structure, and the chaos of many old proteges in the delivery. The vocals are a hollering sort of affair, and not typical of the general black metal people who sound possessed by multitudes of demons. The guitars do some interesting things at times, and stream around like wild missiles with blazing tails through the starlight of the affair in "All Crowns Fall". This is a maddening jangle, and the guitars are interesting enough, without being too flashy and ham filled. The guitarists are good, to be sure, and there are interesting parts in their playing that is above most people jumping on the black metal northbound train. Maybe I am reminded of Thorns in some of the music, though when I make comparisons it is always a gamble I share with others who are usually wrong. For some reason I can't say anything good about the vocals, which are stationary and detract from the music at almost all times. One must at least give credit to this vocalist for his performing at the risk of a stroke or mental meltdown, and with some conviction to whatever it is that has him on one here.

One thing I hate to read in promos is the use of the word "catchy" when talking about "riffs". This destroys creditably to an artist, this catchy little word that would better serve pop music or a virus.

By the fifth song, I must say I am a little surprised that the music is better than I predicted it might be, and this pessimism is due to there being an over saturation of terrible black metal. I suppose it is good to have the many good bands there is, just as there are as many different flavors of demons in the Goetia to choose from. In this matter, Nidingr are one of the faster, "catchier" demons who know good production, grant the magician proper mixing techniques, and teach mathematics. The guitars ring with a icy wind that justifies much merit the band should be proud of, and carries the album to some new places of it's kind. There is even a death metal feel at times in some of the playing, though the tuning is not low on the scale. I have said some good things, mostly about the strings but there comes a time when I realize i will never return to this willingly. That will not hurt these cold norsemen's feelings however, where blood runs like ice in proud veins, and men smith forth metal works continually. I will end by saying it is like i mentioned about the demons or yore, and someone will find this summoning to be excellent for their services. This Teloch will make a good man at arms, I would wager, and a capable sell sword in his homeland.