“Paradigm of Chaos”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Loathe as I am to add to the “subgenre” soup, I always call the style that Nexul plays here “chaos metal”. It’s a combination of “cavernous” death ala Incantation and Dead Congregation and super-aggressive and hateful war metal like Black Witchery and Deiphago. Usually there’s a lot of lyrical mumbling about the “anticosmic hordes” and the “beauty of death” as well. All those elements are present big time on Nexul’s “Paradigm of Chaos”.

Monotony kind of goes hand in hand with the chaos metal style, but these guys manage to avoid the worst of it. There is some attempt at variety here, with switching tempos and interjecting some relief in the form of creepy keyboard interludes such as  “Lords of the Bottomless Seas” and “Leviathan”. Otherwise, they plunge headlong into hell-spawned darkness on tracks such “Hexecration”,  “Leviathan Unbound” and my favorite, the instrumental “Chaosipher Tower”.  It’s much the same sort of brutalism practiced by their brethren Hellvetron and Nyogthaeblisz. 

The perfect soundtrack for an orgy of black goats and serpent women, “Paradigm of Chaos” lives up to its name.