"Solving For X"

By Professor Jocko

The music scene today has taken on all forms. There are many artists that have made successful transitions for one style of music to another, making what people enjoy quite a broad spectrum. If you ask the general public what they prefer musically, you would probably hear “I like just about everything.” While most people do like just about everything, you can guarantee that they do have their preferences. One of the largest preferences of music is definitely the power metal scene, which has not only blossomed musically over the last 30 years, but has also become a way of life to many as far as how to dress, act and live your life . Many of these groups have not just made a successful living at this, they have become legendary idols.  New Eden isn’t legendary…yet, they are now on their fourth studio album and have a style of their own that could catch fire and make them the band to follow for the next several years.

If you were to combine the precise and accurate musical style of Dream Theater and the powerful vocals of Rob Halford, and mix it with the heaviness of Disturbed and polish it to a high sheen, then New Eden is what you would get. What astonishes me are the intricate melodies throughout each song and the way the band works as a whole. Tracks such as “Anthem Of Hate” and “Flames For Hades” are heavily supplemented with strong melodies and electric guitars which are used alongside pounding rhythms, and is all topped by Rod Arias soaring vocals. Several songs may give the initial impression that the drums become a little redundant because of the kick-drum, but as each song develops its own intensity, you realize that it is essential to the meaning of the lyrics. I suppose that in light of this, I would like to hear more of a presence from the bass guitar and less of the drums for more diversity between songs.

Once the first note is played, the music of New Eden is something to be appreciated, especially if you like music that is powerful and majestic. The way the guitars are incorporated into tracks such as “The Not Self” and “Watcher”, you’ll hear the band’s larger-than-life sound that definitely pulls them apart from any typical progressive rock band into a sound that is completely unique. When you compare the guitars of previous albums such as “Obscure Master Plan”, which in my opinion is their strongest LP to date and one of the more prominent albums in modern metal, or even “Stagnant Progression” perhaps, and make any comparisons, you’ll realize that this isn’t anything for the timid, as the pounding, rhythmic chops of Horacio Colmenares and Andrew Betties match any lead guitarists solo work. Put this together with Arias operatic vocals and huge bottom end rhythms, and what you have is music that is out of this world where each song has the same individual quality that makes it different from the last.