"Hacked To Perfection"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Upon glancing at the crap-tastic cover of this effort and checking out song titles like "Snuff Film Superstar" and "I Made Her Famous", I held out little hope for this disc. It looked for sure like a generic Sevared Records "slam and gurgle" torture porn death metal release, generic and forgettable. Damn me for a blue-nosed conclusion-jumper, but this turned out a hell of a lot better than I thought it would.

The creation of 2 Florida guys messing around in their basement (let's hope this record is the only horror they engaged in there), "Hacked To Perfection" is a sick and misogynistic piece of work, but musically much more advanced than I would have guessed. The death metal here is much catchier than the usual brutal stuff and there is some great melodic guitar soloing right out of the James Murphy school of fret-bending. Listen to some of the guitar work in "I Made Her Famous" and "Bereft of Conscience" and tell me that doesn't take you back to Obituary's "Cause of Death". Overall, the tunes here are very Cannibal Corpse/Malevolent Creation influenced....brutal, fast and loaded with piledriving double bass, but never flying off the rails completely. Every tune on here has at least one really standout riff or tempo change. The best for me was the awesome shift that comes about 2/3 of the way through "Hyperbaric Torture Chamber"...what a beauty that was.

Vocals are ultra-typical grunts and nothing special, but at least there's no pig burps or cricket chirping. There's also a coldness to some of the riffing, particularly in "Devoured by Wolves", that is almost black metal and melodic touches offset the sometimes monotonous blast beating. Lyrics I'm guessing are pretty standard bitch-killing stuff, but the title "In Debasement" at least suggests a certain dry humor.

Not an earth-shattering release, but far more enjoyable than I was expecting.