"Fires within Fires"

 by Octopi Mills

Neurosis are still around, after some thirty years, and after others have came and gone.
"Bending Light" opens the album, and sounds like the title itself, with a dark and stranger's hand bending strings as a sinister calm spreads like deviled ham across the hammered crackers of mankind's crumbled mind. The hollering vocals screaming "I let it guide me" fit honestly and don't mess things up as happens when most others attempt the vocal approach and it winds up sounding like the tough guy aggression music that comes across in all nu-metal. Lengthy compositions are at hand, and there is dark lingering much like in some doom metal, though a different chemistry is working here.

 "A Shadow Memory" follows in their own style, and rides out deep bends, and down into the urban swallow of a dark alley, utilizing the fuzzy sustain and control of over driven strings coming to the apex of feedback while the rhythm section keeps the time in a heavy fashion. One begins to hear the influence the band has had on others if he thinks of the history with Neurosis, though the imitation falls shorter in their peers when seen abroad the spectrum. There are nearly happy moments in the the following song, and plenty of wild guitar effects that are brought to life as the music swarms.  "Broken Ground" starts out calm and with the yellow syrup of sad sunlit chambers before beating out of its confines to join the rest of the songs, and landing again as the dynamics play out in the script of song. The album ends with the same dark alley like feeling of suffocating lights and the smoky illumination of bleak streets where at times it sounds like the instruments make a sound like a fly or insect buzzing around, adding a claustrophobic feeling to the departure like the stranger who walks around a decaying block of the area as the lights short in and out in malfunction. I think they will find a mark with their usual audience with the release, and that there will be no worries for these fans they have.