“Second Sight”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Neuronspoiler is a most curious name for a band, especially a band favoring melodic traditional metal. Despite the SF style monicker, these Brits play a kind of metal that touches on NWOBHM, Queensryche-style prog metal and a light dusting of thrash. It’s hard to sound traditional and modern at the same time, but these guys manage to do it and I found “Second Sight” growing on me as I listened to it.

I’m also strongly reminded of the peak period of Crimson Glory here, though with a less histrionic vocalist. This music is thoughtfully put together and not reliant on easy clichés. Songs like “Slay The Beast” and “Murder City” are not the total aggressive speedfests their names may indicate, but use a variety of tempos and feels to make their mark.  Singer J.R. Vox (rather lame name, that) has quite a powerful set of lungs that he uses judiciously…he only uncorks ear-shattering falsettos once in a while, as in the climax of “Slay The Beast”.  I like the straightforward thrust of “This Is Revolution” and the subtle riffing of “Hidden Agenda”, which brings “Mindcrime” era Queensryche to mind. Guitar work and musicianship is uniformly excellent and the production has a modern, shiny sound, which might put off those attracted to the grit of old British metal.

“Second Sight” is the second album of the band and it should garner them some praise from fans of progressive and melodic metal.